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Featured Artist – Dustin Johnson

March 29, 2015 in Artist Features by MDR

As an artist in KC Dustin Johnson works with a broad range of materials and concepts. He likes the materials and method that allows him to follow the ideas and concepts behind the artwork in a series. Being a musician as well seems to affect his working style with a love for an open lyrical flow as well as a certain degree of ambiguity.
Dustin-Johnson-MDR-KC Dustin-Johnson-MDR-KC Dustin-Johnson-MDR-KC Dustin-Johnson-MDR-KC
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Featured Artists – Hannah Holmes

March 28, 2015 in Hannah Holmes, illustrator by MDR

Hannah Holmes moved to Kansas City last May after graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. She has a serious love of pattern and color and is excited to be pursuing a career where she can put these passions to good use.

Hannah-Holmes-MDR-KC Hannah-Holmes-MDR-KC

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Featured Artist – Gavin Snider

March 27, 2015 in Artist Features, Gavin Snider by MDR

Gavin is a designer, illustrator and musician who lives and works in Kansas City. His ongoing Travelogue project presents illustration as a form of exploration, with scenes from Kansas City and small Kansas towns to the coldest and warmest ends of the globe. In concert posters for his band Sad American Night and other talented local acts, Gavin lets his mind (and pen) wander to history, native art, legends and mythology.

Gavin-Snider-MDR-KC Gavin-Snider-MDR-KC

You can see more of his work at

MDR 2015 T-shirtGavin also created the artwork for our awesome shirt this year!

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Featured Artist – Lisa Ann Sugimoto

March 26, 2015 in Artist Features, Lisa Ann Sugimoto, Uncategorized by MDR

Lisa Ann has a passion for textiles and her work has been featured in museum exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States.  This is her 6th year supporting the Monster Drawing Rally for Women in Design KC and we always look forward to what she creates.

Lisa Ann Sugimoto Lisa Ann Sugimoto-2

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Featured Artist – Cat Coquillette

March 25, 2015 in Artist Features, Cat Coquillette by MDR

Cat is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator living in Kansas City. She studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Kansas and now works as a designer at Willoughby Design. By day, Cat works with a team of creative professionals designing brand experiences. She’s worked with a variety of clients including Panera Bread, Hershey’s, SPIN! Pizza, Kauffman Labs, Hallmark and AIGA. During her evenings, Cat enjoys sketching, painting and hand-lettering. Her preferred mediums are watercolor and India ink. Her downtime consists of relaxing on the patio with a good book and a cold Hefeweizen.

Cat-Coquillette-MDR-KCCat-Coquillette-MDR-KCCat-Coquillette-MDR-KC Cat-Coquillette-MDR-KC 

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Featured Artist – Amanda Davis

March 24, 2015 in Amanda Davis, Artist Features, water color by MDR

Amanda Davis is owner and artist of Mandolin Artworks -, founded in 2007. Following her artist heart since the age of 5, Amanda mainly works in graphite, watercolor, colored pencil and photography though sometimes she dives into quite a bit more with paint, charcoal, and refurbished materials too. This is her first year to join MDR and we can’t wait to show off her ideas!

Amanda-Davis Amanda-Davis-MDR-KC

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Featured Artist – Payton Kelly

March 23, 2015 in Artist Features, Beer, Payton Kelly by MDR

Payton Kelly’s association with the local craft beer scene dates back to the mid 1980′s, when he home brewed with John McDonald, who went on to found Boulevard Brewing Company a few years later. The result of that collaboration suggested that Payton’s talents were better suited for things that go on the outside of the bottle, so John asked him for help designing the very first labels, in 1990. Never one to turn down free beer, Payton designed virtually every Boulevard brand that followed, more than 50 to date. Since 1995 he has been full-time Creative Director for the brewery.

Payton earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Missouri State University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oregon. Before joining Boulevard he spent 11 years as an artist with Hallmark Cards, designing greeting cards for Shoebox Greetings and teaching printmaking in the Rice Innovation Center.

Payton’s hand painted beer bottles have been a huge hit in past years.  We can’t wait to see what he creates this year!

Payton-Kelly-Boulevard-Beer Payton-Kelly-Boulevard-Beer Payton-Kelly-Boulevard-Beer Payton-Kelly-Boulevard-Beer

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Featured Artist – Tammy Smith

March 23, 2015 in Artist Features, Tammy Smith by MDR

Tammy Smith is an artist and surface designer who has been in the commercial and fine art field for awhile, both as an artist and art director. After a career at Hallmark Cards designing party ware and gift wrap, she began a freelance career working from her home studio. Although she’s worked in several different mediums, currently wire is her specialty. She’s also obsessed with architecture and loves combining both those things in her current work. She often sketches in wire rather than with a pencil and paper as she likes the imperfection of the line that results. This is Tammy’s first MDR and we look forward to her unique new approach! 
 Tammy Smith KC3.FB Tammy Smith-KC-Nelson Tammy Smith-KC
Tammy Smith
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Support the WiD Scholarship & get a cool shirt!

March 5, 2015 in Promotional Items by MDR

MDR 2015 T-shirtCheck out our cool shirt for sale now until March 17th! Designed by one of our long time artists Gavin Snider. It features one of Gavin’s original sketches of the KC skyline. Order today to pick it up at the event or choose to have it shipped directly to you. $18 & a portion of the sale benefits the Women in Design – Kansas City scholarship. The more we sell, the more goes to the scholarship so help spread the word!

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Announcing our 2015 artists…

February 24, 2015 in artists, Uncategorized by MDR

MDR 2015 flyer

For links to artists website, see our Artists tab above.